Due to the technological revolution, social media is growing rapidly and becoming a vital part of everyday life. Recently, social networking sites have become a way to connect with people we know and share our opinions on news and events occurring around the world. Different sites and applications, such as FacebookInstagramTwitter, and others are dominating people’s lives. Millions of visitors, subscribers, followers, and advertisers use these sites every day.

According to a survey conducted in 2017, the total number of Facebook users is nearly 2 billion, while on the other hand there are 800 million users who use Instagram and 330 million for Twitter. These huge numbers of people use social networking sites to communicate, share opinions, understand the news, and most importantly to promote their brand through digital marketing processes.

Users of Facebook and social media dominance

Therefore, brands’ owners are now taking courageous steps than before to advertise their goods, products, and services on such sites. To prove such claims, Forrester believes that digital marketing investment is growing rapidly. They stated that in 2012, people will have spent about $120 billion on digital marketing to promote their services. By following digital marketing, brands’ owners will have the opportunity to reach a larger number of customers and clients who will be able to see their products without even going to any place.

In this article, the focus will be on how to use Facebook Ads Manager to promote your services online and reach a larger number of customers. We will review some of the best tips on how to effectively use these features. Let’s start reviewing them based on their priority:

  1. Do your Market Research

Here’s the honest, factual truth: if you really want to succeed while promoting content on Facebook, you need to really take a step ahead! You need to show something different, catchy, innovative, and clickable. If you are really interested, then you need to investigate, read up, and be alert so that you can always get better. Whatever you do, make it different, new, and memorable! Market research helps you identify people’s trends and orientations so that you know what to advertise.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

With Facebook advertising, it’s not so much about reaching the most people as it is reaching the right people. Sure, big numbers look awesome on your reports, but you need to reach people who are open to discovering your content, curious about your business and receptive to your message.

Facebook Ads Manager can help you classify your target audience and choose among several options. You can specify the age, sex, location, and other demographic features to reach your audience faster. The best tool to be used here is Facebook Audience Insight which will give you more extensive details on your audience and the possible ways to target others who are interested in your business.

  1. Analyze Organic and Paid Advertisements

In order to use Ads Manager properly, then you need to understand what is happening on your Facebook page. To succeed in doing so, you need to analyze and track how the audience engages with your advertisement. Some posts go viral without even paying money on them. Therefore, you need to benefit from such advantages that are based on your analytical skills.

  1. Select the Advertisement Objective

It is important to understand the objective of your advertisement on Facebook. In other words, you need to select the campaign objective. What do you want to achieve with this advertisement: awareness, consideration, or conversion.

As for the awareness campaign, it generates knowledge and interest in your product or service. The consideration campaign allows people to engage with your business, click on specific links for more info, and keep your product or service top of mind. Finally, the conversion campaign prompts audiences towards a call-to-action (i.e. click to purchase, sign up for a promotion).

  1. Identify your Allocated Budget

In order to have a very successful advertisement, you need to specify the amount you need to spend on your advertisement on Facebook. Your budget can vary depending on the real interactions on your posts on Facebook. Try to monitor interaction and reach so you can decide the budget you want to invest.

  1. Measure your Performance on Facebook

It is important to keep an eye on your advertisements on Facebook as this will help you modify your strategy to reach your audience better. Try to understand the results of the audience who has received your advertisement, in addition to other features such as the number of clicks, reach, and performance.

  1. Team Members

Posts that include photos of your employees increase interaction on your page. Additionally, it connects your team with users, which helps you create a great relationship between your page’s fans and employees.

  1. Place your Order 

Once you have created your Facebook advertisement, click the green “Place Order” button. Your ad will be screened to ensure it does not violate Facebook Policies before it is approved and goes live. Once this step is processed, you can see how your advertisement goes and reaches your target audience.

  1. Help People Take Actions (Add people to help you manage Facebook Assets)

Keeping yourself on the top of Facebook can be a big job, and you don’t want to do it alone. Facebook allows you to add team members so you can have a whole group of people working on your Facebook advertisement campaigns.

  1. Re-target customers who consume your products

Attracting people to consume and engage with your content is important, but it’s only the start. If people are consuming your content but aren’t becoming customers, what’s the point? That’s what really matters to your bottom line. Through Facebook retargeting, the business could follow up with people who consumed that product with an ad inviting them to download a guide, a broacher, or to learn about new services.

How to use Facebook Ads Manager