Do you have a service you want to promote and reach the largest number of customers? Have you ever asked yourself how brands such as Nutella, Oreo, or other nowadays have reached such a great number of followers and have their currently Social Media Account Presence?


Well, these companies have taken advantage of the technological revolution and succeeded in achieving fame for their names. Then these brands started building a large fanbase on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.


According to a study by We Are Social, there are currently more than 3.48 billion users on social media platforms around the world. This means social media platforms are the perfect solution for breaking the barrier between your product or your service and your potential customers. 


The first impression of your product or service page is a vital factor in encouraging visitors to interact with your posts, which makes them consider becoming potential customers until they reach the decision to buy your product.


Here are some statistics that emphasize why it is important to build a good Social media presence: :


  • A special study from GlobalWebIndex confirmed that 54% of social media users use it to search for pages of the product they are considering buying before the decision-making stage. (2018)
  • Lyfemarketing confirmed that about 71% of customers who have had a unique experience with a brand via social media are the most likely to recommend their products to their colleagues, friends, and families. (2018)
  • Another study from MarketingSherpa showed that 95% of users on social media aged 18-34 prefer following their favorite brands on social media and interacting with them.


Are you still wondering how important it is to promote your brand on these platforms? In short, as some experts in the field said, Social media platforms are gold mines for companies that want to double their sales and increase the number of their followers. Hence, this will contribute to raising awareness of this product or service. So, what are you waiting for?


Here are 5 reasons why you should start enhancing your  social media Profiles:


1. Showcase your product or brand:


As mentioned above, social media users are on the rise. Meaning, it is the best place to start displaying your products and services, and build a good reputation for your brand. Especially since most users spend over 5 hours daily on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. That is why you need to present your brand identity in an eye-catching professional manner.


Here is what you need to pay attention to while building your brand accounts:

  1. Your product design; you need to take care of how your product and logo are displayed.
  2. Using content that attracts followers; it should be neither long and boring, nor short and unclear.
  3. Also, pay attention to the quality of the image you attach to be clear and appealing.
  4. The diversity of  published content in accordance with your audience (infographics, designs, videos, motion graphics, etc.)


2. Direct communication with your customers:


Users of social media platforms represent a large segment of the economy of many large companies. Nowadays, with technology everywhere, users do not prefer paying before googling the product, reading the reviews of other customers, and then deciding to purchase. According to Smart Insights, 63% of users expect the brands they intend to buy from to offer their services via social media platforms.


Hence the importance of direct communication with customers so they can send private messages on the product page they want to buy and ask about prices and more details. Then comes your part as a brand owner or representative to reply and answer their inquiries and questions quickly, join their discussions, and make sure they’re satisfied with your services. This is how you reach the largest number of customers and convince them to buy your products in a manner that may have them recommend you to their families and friends. 


3. Understand the nature of customers:


Social media platforms provide you with some useful tools as a brand manager or digital marketing manager through which you can identify the qualities and characteristics you prefer in the target group of your product or service. In the same way, you can choose your target audience in Facebook ads, you can access very accurate, specific interests of your target audience using similar tools on different platforms.


Besides direct communication with customers helps you understand their nature more accurately, making it easy for you to choose how to convince them; since 90% of users decide to communicate with the product provider before buying it, according to a Sprout Social poll. But you have to pay attention to the nature of users on each social media platform because the nature of each platform is different in terms of interests, countries, type of posts that may attract users, the policies of each platform, etc.


4. Building Public Trust


The process of building public trust in your product is a cumulative process. It begins by raising awareness of your product, then increasing the popularity of the product, the public then trade your news, share your posts on their pages, and send them to their friends. But it is not a quick process, it might take months. So, you need to be patient.


Some reasons which help to build the trust of your target audience and followers:

  • Their ability to communicate with the admin directly through messages, phone numbers or even the brand website.
  • The quick response to customer feedback without any bad, unprofessional comments and maintaining their satisfaction.
  • Using interactive posts to keep your followers excited and active. 
  • Offering after-purchase services, as well as competitions and offers if available. This gives customers the feeling you’re constantly developing in order to gain their satisfaction, which enhances their loyalty to the product.



5. Increase your site’s chances of appearing in search results


You may be wondering how your activity on social media platforms can enhance your appearance in search results?! After many discussions on this topic by e-marketing experts, SEO expert Neil Patel confirmed on his blog the impact of social media in increasing the chance of your site appearing in search results.


The relationship between your activity on Social Media and improving your Google appearance may not be direct. But it is effective in one way or another, for example:

  • Users of social media consider these platforms search engines like Google; they search using hashtags on Twitter or Instagram.
  • When you post a link to your site on Facebook, Twitter, this encourages visitors to click on. This could increase the traffic to your site, which greatly affects your appearance in SERPs.
  • When you search for a person or brand on Google or other search engines you may find many accounts in the search results that may precede the main site, which emphasizes the importance of paying attention to increasing your activity and traffic.


And these are the most important steps to consider:
  1. Complete 100% of the information on your product’s accounts.
  2. Publish in an orderly and periodic manner to suit each platform.
  3. Interact with followers and answer their queries.
  4. Maintain eye-catching content and interactive posts.
  5. Publish designs that are striking and of high-quality at the same time.