80% of experts are unable to measure their Return of Investment (ROI) on social media; this book seeks to make you from the other remaining 20%”. Perhaps, these are the most resonant words that attract the attention of electronic marketers and fame seekers regarding their commercial brands to achieve better sales averages.

How do followers see us? Do they really prefer our digital image on social media? What are the best tools to Analyze Accounts on Social Media? These are the questions that started to concern many people.


Therefore, the first step required to organize a positive relationship between the commercial brand, its presence on social networks, followers, and potential customers, is to analyze the accounts and read the figures and averages, followed by established plans and directions to enhance the situation or tackle problems.

If we need to talk about the most powerful and significant social media networks, we must talk about Instagram; the meeting point of youth, shoppers, fans of fashion and delicious food. It is the best place to market your products and talk passionately and innovatively about your commercial brand.

Now, while you are reading this blog, which was prepared and drafted by Detour’s experienced team, you’ll notice a number of Tools to Analyze Accounts via Instagram, which would help you organize and classify a huge amount of information. Additionally, after having prepared attractive posts and effective campaigns, it allows you to understand and determine your clients’ needs, desires, and digital places.


5 Tools to analyse social media

Here are the Best 5 Tools to Analyze Accounts on Instagram:


  1. Iconosquare

We’ve already used it. It is a great experience and a great turning point in analyzing Instagram’s accounts data. After obtaining your accounts’ license, it displays the engagement of audience and followers and the most interested people in your commercial brand.

Iconosqure is distinguished because it links growth and interaction average with time and other metrics. This tool allows you to always take smarter decisions based on its strong and clear statistics. Therefore, it is not free of charge; however, you can use it to analyze and manage your account on Instagram.

It starts to review audience interaction and engagement, and the highest numbers of followers. You can try a 14-day trial version, then you should subscribe if you want to continue. Great companies, such as Sony, are using this tool.

  1. Locowise

It is one of the best tools for creating reports and presentations in minutes. After logging into professional reports with comprehensive insights including both qualitative and quantitative metrics, you just need to select and highlight the profiles you want to include.

Locowise functions complete social media reporting with more than 300 metrics including organic and paid activities. It also combines data and insights from all your potential clients in one place. A great tool, isn’t it?

Instagram’s analytical tool that fulfills your demands and offers additional information in the best times of publishing regarding the growing number of followers.

  1. Later

Later prides itself to be the best and first place in the field of marketing on Instagram. It is considered as a publishing platform that schedules images and maintains complete quality. It also allows you to discover followers’ interests in your brand’s content so that you can develop and grow your account faster. This tool offers numbers and data about engagement by publishing when most of your audience is online; it also tracks likes and clicks.

It has a smart and effective mobile application that allows you to use and track the activity of your commercial brand on Instagram.

  1. Klear

Klear is one of the distinguished tools that offers featured free trial version. It provides you with a comprehensive and sufficient analysis of your Instagram account. Once you type your username, it will display a huge amount of information and statistics, such as the most famous content and posts, hashtag analysis, interaction, and engagement, in addition to some demographic data about followers, such as country, age, and sex.

  1. Quintly

Quinty helps those who need an in-depth and professional analysis of Instagram accounts by generating valuable statistics and creating reports. Moreover, it offers an analysis of your brand’s followers and competitors’ profiles. Quintly also analyzes your content on the Instagram application and the engagement so that you can improve it and work to change your followers into loyal clients.

It allows you to track all types of comments and likes on photos and videos. It analyzes Instagram’s important daily data based on reach and impression metrics.


5 Tools to analyse social media Brand Account