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About the Company

Comtech is a leading agency that provides innovative, quality IT solutions and services that aim at helping commercial and government enterprises to achieve and exceed their missions. Comtech solutions include Cyber Security, Application Development and IT Modernization.


Comtech aspired to  develop its current visual brand identity in  a contemporary way that still accurately reflects the brand’s message in line with current trends. Furthermore, Comtech sought to freshen up  its web user experience  in order to maintain a cohesive visual brand that could unlock and convey the  future business potentials and anticipated  growth. The company desired to further enhance the brand image, achieve brand recognition among target audiences, and reach new customers.   


Upon examining the company’s status quo, its aspirations and brand story and using the expertise of Detour’s specialized team, integrated and comprehensive solutions were offered in order to bring the brand’s core story back to life in the most modern way. Our innovative solutions included:

  • A clean and professional logo design with a modern font style and color pallet to associate values of the brands.
  • A consistent brand guidelines addressing every component of the visual identity.
  • Design samples of visual brand assets for both online and offline purposes.
  • Developing a trendy website that is easy-to-use and accurately reflects the brand whilst offering a seamless user experience.


Offering a fresh and up-to-date brand identity, Detour has successfully transformed Comtech’s  visual branding into one that provides:

  • An accurate representation of the brand.
  • A cohesive brand identity on both offline and online level.
  • A reinforced brand recognition and memorable image.
  • A Reflection of the growing future capabilities of the brand.
  • Utilizing the competitive advantage of the brand.
  • A wider reach to new audience segments and reinforcing the brand’s connection with current audiences. 

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