USG Boral Middle East (USGBME)

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About the Company

USG Boral Middle East (USGBME) is a leading manufacturer of ceiling systems, interior finishing products, and drywall partitions. It is a joint investment between USG Corp – USA (USG) and Boral-Australia with Saudi shareholders. USGBME has an extensive network of sales, technical offices, and distributors, with 3500 employees operating in 12 markets to facilitate distributing products via 4 regional manufacturing plants to more than 25 countries throughout Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.
digital marketing strategy


USGBME has a significant presence in the Middle East. And it relies mainly on its partnerships, networking, and offline marketing strategies to raise awareness of its products and increase sales and revenue. * Yet, what the company lacked was a strong digital presence that could reflect their best image and help them stand out among their competitors.


Facilitating USGBME's digital presence transformation was done by establishing an integrated digital marketing strategy they can follow to maintain their remarkable performance, and go on to develop it later to adapt to market changes.

  • Planning and setting up a digital online strategy
  • Creating content and visual themes
  • Boosting engagement rates
  • Optimizing the website on search engines (SEO)
  • Launching promoted ads with + $50,000
  • Creating email campaigns
  • Enhancing website traffic


  • 100% Satisfying online transformation
  • +30,000 Monthly users on social accounts
  • 50% Increase in leads and conversions
  • 70% Increase in social media reach and engagement rates
  • 20,000 Monthly website visits
  • 18% Open rate for emails campaigns
  • +30,000 Monthly video views

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