“Lost is the one who forgets his past!” is how Egyptians describe those who don’t rely on the tools of the past in building the future, and this is what we believe applies to email marketing! If you think using email is now an old tool, then let us help you reconsider!

In 1978, the first commercial group email was sent, and today in 2020, email proves that it is still the best from all digital marketing tools and platforms; because when you send marketing content to a list of subscribers by email, you urge them to interact with your brand.

There will be over 4.3 billion estimated email users by 2023, which let you ask a question:

Why is Email Marketing Important?


  • A bigger audience at a lower price 

The number of email users currently stands at 3.9 billion users [Statista], which is more than Facebook and Twitter users combined.

Nearly 20% of your email audience actually opens them, compared to only 2-6% user-reach for Facebook marketing content, and 8-10% of Twitter but users who receive your tweets [DMA].

But more importantly, and according to Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Statistics, every 1$ you spend on email marketing returns you approximately $38. And these are definitely encouraging numbers.


  • Interested audience = Better response

What’s makes email marketing special is that you’re the one looking for your interested audience, classifying them according to their qualities and interests. Also, you can specify a message for each of them that tailored their interests. However, this will take a long time and hard effort at first to create a special mailing list, that’s really interested in your brand, but the results will be worthwhile.

The outstanding aspect regarding email marketing is the ability to measure the response; you can know how many people have opened your message. Also, you can discover how many returned to check it once again, and which parts that have piqued their interest more than others.  Moreover, By using email marketing tools you can know how many people have forwarded your message. So that there are never-ending opportunities to improve your marketing performance by using Email Marketing.


  • Reaching clients who are mobile users

There are over five billion mobile users worldwide, most of them are constantly checking their messages, which means there are endless opportunities for your brand to attract new customers. But then you’ll need to design your messages to be mobile-friendly, so they can load and view it effortlessly.


  • Interacting with the marketing message

In a single marketing email, you can include text, photo, video, website link, and call-to-action links. All you have to do is tempt the target to interact with the key form of content in your marketing message, and in fact, results suggest that the highest interaction rates are with video content.


  • Maintaining your customers

Through your mailing list, you maintain all your customers without having to pay the extra cost of postal subscribers. Also, Email marketing helps your brand stay in touch with those customers who are constantly keeping up with your new content.


What are the future trends of email marketing focused on?

Having proven successful, marketers are now moving to make the most out of this tool in different ways. Your email should mention the company’s values; and directly shows the target the benefits of maintaining their interaction and relationship with your brand.

As for the technicalities, you need to make your emails mobile-friendly to make clients engage with your emails and develop your email campaign strategies.


How was Detour’s experience with email marketing?

This year, Detour has had great success for our clients through email marketing. Mohammed Hemidah, the marketing specialist at Detour says: “One of our clients had a mailing list they’ve never used… I offered to provide email marketing services; and after sending the first couple of emails the client got direct sales and inquiries regarding their products.”

In this experiment, the readers of each email were at least 20% of the mailing list; which is a very good percentage, according to online marketing specialists. “Today, our client feels that this list is one of his most vital assets; he has divided it into categories and we have started implementing marketing campaigns based on it.”

These experiences and numbers are definitely urging you to come up with successful marketing campaigns this year.  It’s time for you to be as strong as your competitors, and get in touch with Detour company that will make your business grow. We can work with you to develop your branding mailing list, set up marketing campaigns, provide you with the types of content that will be included in emails, and measure your audience’s response