Instagram is a growing network that attracts brands to promote their products and attract users then interact with your brand. In comparison with other social media platforms as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram’s high interaction level made Instagram a perfect and indispensable marketing tool for any Business Owner.

Studies confirm that more than half of the top 100 brands in the world have accounts on Instagram! Moreover, a huge percentage of potential customers may also have accounts on Instagram.


Visual Content attract people on social media networks more than other

Furthermore, according to Forrester Research recent statistics, Instagram users’ interaction with brands is 400% higher than Facebook and Twitter. It is also 58 times more than users’ interaction on Facebook, and 120 times of followers’ interaction on Twitter.

Among the marketing trends that cannot be overlooked, Instagram is the top dominant of the visual content. Based on the Social Media Examiner report, more than 300 marketers agreed that visual content is the future of marketing. In addition, the increasing popularity of modern social networking sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, affects the customers’ decisions.

Social media marketing services focus more on visual content than others because it improves brand awareness, interaction, and users’ experience. The visual content, such as infographics, photos, memes, and videos have a significant impact on how people consume information on the Internet.

If you’re still wondering why you need to reconsider your company’s online marketing plan, or why you should use Instagram marketing strategy?  Take a look at the following facts:


rise of Instagram users in comparison with other social media platforms

  • According to GlobalWebIndex, the fastest growing social media are those based on visual content.
  • Based on reports from Cisco and Reuters, by 2018, more than 84% of communications will be visual.
  • According to Adobe, posts that include photos result in a 650% higher interaction rates than regular text posts.
  • According to Moz, posts that include videos attract inbound links 3 times more than regular text posts.
  • Instagram stated that it has more than 500 million/month active accounts, and 80% of those accounts follow a business activity.
  • Pew Internet Statics showed that The dominant demographics of Instagram are males between 18 – 24 years old, while 75% of all users are aged between 18 and 24.


With Instagram, you can dig deeper into people’s emotional aspects to create deeper relationships with your online or offline business, besides connecting with new clients and consolidating relationships with the current ones.

Instagram’s Business Community has achieved great growth with (2) million advertisers compared with one million last year. People recourse to Instagram every day to share their passion and communicate with what they care about; they also spend more time than ever on Instagram to produce and explore content, especially mobile videos. Note that, most of the Internet users are on Instagram.

Year after year, people spend more than 80% of their total time watching videos on Instagram, while the number of videos produced each day has increased fourfold since last year. With innovative video formats for mobile phones, such as Instagram Stories and live streaming, businesses have more opportunities to connect with their followers, whether on the go or at any time.

Why Instagram is a Good Marketing Tool For Your Business?

Businesses can enjoy the power of Stories to connect with customers on platforms where they can really interact. People use Stories on Instagram to explore and interact with the content that interests them, including business content.

In fact, businesses publish one-third of the content available in Stories format, which achieves the highest viewing rates on Instagram.


Through Instagram advertising on Stories, Businesses can promote their products, gain more real followers, and drive sales in a way that suits their customers’ browsing experience seamlessly. 

Instagram Marketing Campaigns and best tips to promote your brand

As people’s continuous interaction with brands on Instagram, our role comes to facilitate the transition from product exploration to decision-making. 

Action Buttons available on Instagram helps people make reservations, buy tickets, or book through third-party partners without leaving Instagram. In fact, any business can actually do its business more easily on Instagram.