When you start thinking about expanding your businesses, Facebook, the giant social networking site, will directly inform you to subscribe in its Advertisers’ Program. So that you can run an advertising campaign to expand your business and reach your target audience.

For this reason, these are the great benefits of any Social Networks advertising campaign; accurate targeting, swift expansion, and Great results. From this point, the importance of paid campaigns is an essential pillar for any digital marketing plan.

Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram have emerged as one of the most popular ways to gain more attraction.  Also, these two channels are cost-effective online advertising mediums for online micro-projects owners.

Social media and the importance of management of Paid ads on them

Users of Facebook’s Advertising Program will most likely come back to use it again because of its easy-to-use campaign management and flexibility. From here comes the strength of competition in the introduction of social networks sponsored advertising programs.  Besides the features and characteristics provided by each one, such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and even Google.

Understanding what is the purpose of the sponsored advertisements’ campaign is the first step to take advantage of them. For example, Does he want to start building awareness of his company or brand? Or does he want to drive visitors to his own website? Does he just need to promote a particular event? Or he wants to create new sales opportunities?

Through their advertising campaigns, social networks offer many options for which you will pay your money. Additionally, the advertising targeting program allows you to reach your target audience based on their real interests.

So, you should understand these points perfect, and specify them first before you start work.

One of the studies indicates that, on average, it is likely that 68% of people remember the advertisement they see in the social context more than twice they see normal advertising, and 4 times more likely than a purchase process.

Social media and the importance of Paid ads on them

For example, Facebook Advertising Interface allows you to –easily– select the demographic file for your target audience, including age, sex, place, educational level, and interests. However, it is truly unique in identifying micro-targeting as it chooses a highly targeted audience via targeting feature.

You may also notice that most advertisers refer to social networks with the traditional advertising mentality, which says “Many campaigns are better in advertising“, this is not suitable with social media advertising campaigns.

Getting 2,000 interested people of the targeted audience is better than getting 10,000 people who are uninterested. Thus, getting a few targeted visitors is much better than getting thousands of worthless uninterested people.

In all cases, remember to include a call-to-action “CTA” button in your ads campaign. Because it will encourage visitors to press on your advertisement and explain to users what you exactly expect them to do.

Additionally, the photo of the advertisement is very vital because this what will grab attention when people see the ads. Remember; avoid thinking about your company’s logo only.

As advertisers looking to raise their sales rate, you should think about the first click at the beginning of the campaign. When people like your page, it helps you talk to them repeatedly, and this will lead to direct purchase.