Asking yourself how can you make Instagram an effectual tool for your small business? You are in the right place! Thankfully, Instagram becomes one of the most effective platforms for marketing your business. Many business owners get magnificent results upon using it for promoting their business.

What does Instagram Engagement mean?

It means the number of likes and interactions with your content such as photos, videos, and stories. It does not refer to the size of your audience though.

Now, we will share with you some steps to help you build your brand awareness on Instagram. Let’s get started!


1- Write an attractive bio:

This is one of the most important steps of all since many followers will follow you because of this unique bio. Make sure you write an attractive, concise and a clear one. Your bio is the reason your potential followers consider following you after they get a hint about the nature of your business in the most attractive and creative way.

2- Include your website link in the bio:

Surely, you want the visitors to see your website and know more about the services you offer. Thus, it is very important to put the link in bio; you will facilitate the process of searching for it.


3- Engage with similar accounts to yours:

Before you post your content, take a look at different accounts that are similar to your business. You will see the type of content shared and discover which content has huge interactions. Simply, because engagement feeds engagement. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Check out the recommendation category which is in the top of the screen when you select the search.
  • Search about some specific keywords related to your content. For example, if your company is promoting fashion, you will search for a nice fashion, fashion around the world, etc.

4- Use Hashtags:

To get engagement in Instagram, use brand hashtags in your content. Think of hashtags that people will mostly be attracted to. For example, if you have a restaurant, you will use hashtags related to food, cooking, and famous recipes.

Also, you can use some tools that will help you discover more related hashtags to your brand as HashATIT and others

5-Discover the best time to post

Imagine that your target audience lives in a country with a timing zone different from yours, but you are posting your content when they are asleep. You are wasting a lot of time and efforts. Of course, you are asking yourself now, how can I know where is my audience from?

Luckily, everything has become very easy with the help of technology. Simply, go to the Insights tab (the symbol in the top right corner of your screen), select ‘Audience’, and you’ll see where most of your audience lives.


6-Post attractive photos with great captions:

People normally interact with attractive contents. For instance, did you know that followers interact the most with photos with people in them?

Thus, do not forget to write an attractive caption and perhaps put a flavor of humor in it. All of these ways are helpful to get more interactions with your brand.


Finally, Instagram is a treasure and every business owner should not waste the fruitful opportunities of this outstanding platform. Simply, if you want your Instagram to have significant engagement, you need to put all your efforts and creativity in it.

Do you have other helpful steps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!