How to effectively mange your business strategy online?

Coronavirus or COVID 19 has spread wild in the world, affecting our lives in many different ways. During this pandemic, managers are thinking about how to adjust their business while staying aligned with the strict precautionary measures the government assigned by switch their business online.


Shifting to a work-from-home environment is already starting to feel like the “new normal” for our company and our customers, and to help you manage your work while at home, and be able to communicate with your team in an effective way that enables them to complete their tasks and, in return, achieve your business goal, we are introducing some tips and tricks that will help in easing this task for you!


Adapt the pandemic mindset for setting your business strategy


The first thing to do before starting assigning tasks to the team is to put a solid strategy which could be adaptable in times of crisis and unexpected and not ordinary situations. In this strategy, you might determine how your team will reflect their abilities to ensure the needed productivity which will maintain the same level of work that is achieved in normal situations.


 During the coronavirus pandemic, you should know that this time is not appropriate for increasing profit or expanding your brand. It is the time where you should only think about having your business under control. And here, the pandemic mindset starts to perform its main objective! You should treat your team as your mates. To benefit from your team, you need to understand that this situation is not easy to accommodate, so always give your team the space they need to accomplish their tasks without making them feel that you are putting pressure on them. Make them feel comfortable while working at home.


But wait! That doesn’t mean to stop tracking their progress, because you know, remote work must be tracked and measured. Here are the best tools and applications to track your team progress and productivity and to keep in touch with them!



Top Apps and Tools to help you Switch Online During COVID 19 :


  1. Video chat: Zoom, Skype, Whereby, Hangouts 

    First of all, if you are running a company that is having daily or weekly meetings, then you need to use one of these applications to continue having your meetings as usual. These applications offer you video chat meetings and enable you to invite your team members to join the meeting. It will help you gather the team to discuss your progress and of course to keep in touch with them. 

  2. Tracking time off: Clockify, Timely, Toggl, Everhour
    These tools are amazing for tracking the time your team needs to complete the tasks assigned to them. They will allow them to specify a certain period to accomplish each task and then you can analyze the time report to discuss any problem in time management and try to find a quick solution to keep their productivity high. 
  3. Tasks allocations: Asana, Trello, Basecamp
    Throughout these applications, you will be able to assign tasks to the team members with a specific due time. It allows you to specify the task, who will do it “collaborators”, and when exactly must it be done. This workflow will make you able to manage your work without having missing deadlines and other tasks. 
  4. Planning meetings: Calendly, Rallly, HubSpot Meetings 

Many companies rely on giving consultations and need to plan meetings online with clients and potential customers. This applications are perfect for arranging meetings online. You just need to set your free hours for meetings and clients can choose appropriate appointments to meet with you. 


  1. Files arrangement and uploading: Google Drive, Sync, One Drive  

Google drive is suitable for storing files and documents and sharing them with the team and collaborators. It will allow your team members to create, review, and make comments on each other’s writings besides sharing photos and videos. 


In the end, THINK LONG-TERM!


We all know that at some point this pandemic will be contained and life will return to normal, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the last crisis to live! To control your business and productivity, consider this situation as an experience and benefit from it. Put your crisis management strategy under review and try to improve it to create a perfect plan B for your business during abnormal situations. Managers and team members should see this experience as an opportunity to adjust the work-from-home strategy!


Companies that have adopted remote working only for the current outbreak of coronavirus will abandon it when it ends, however, managers who have developed their business’ remote-work capabilities will lead their companies to great positions best in the years to come.


To sump up

Do not feel down because of the current situation, and of course, do not panic! Your business will always work by switch online; and you will always find a way to maintain your productivity. This situation will help you and your team to find solutions to different kinds of problems; try innovative new tools, and establish important news skills. This remote and switch work online strategy will build a genuinely better and more effective organization.