Do you ever wish to join a social platform where you could have zero followers, post once, and get a million views? Well, that is the power of TikTok! 

Okay, before we start, do you know that TikTok has over 800 million active users? It’s a large platform where you can get connected with your target audience! 


Sounds good, right? Let’s start our journey today. In this blog, you will learn


How to create a TikTok business strategy and how the strong TikTok algorithm works?


TikTok is a video sharing app where people can shoot, edit, and share videos up to one minute long. These videos vary from lip-syncing to dances, epic transformations, instructional videos, and so much more.

TikTok has quickly evolved from a Gen Z video-sharing app into a full-fledged marketing machine for businesses. Brands like Nike and the Washington Post have paved the way for brands on the platform with their content.


So if you’re still wondering, is TikTok right for your brand?

Well, With so many users around the world who have so many interests, there is a niche for everyone. That means that businesses have the opportunity to share their products and their services with brand new audiences in a fun and creative way. 


How could you have zero followers and get a million views?

You don’t need to have followers to have your content seen on TikTok app. When you scroll through the TikTok For You page, you’ll find a wide variety of content dressed in Gen Z humor. Since the videos are short, it’s easy to fall into just one more video mindset and keep endlessly scrolling.

While there may not be a real purpose behind the content, the videos are incredibly addictive and can quickly go viral within hours. TikTok’s video editor contains options that make it easy to create eye-catching content to let your creativity flow.



How does Tik Tok App work?


TikTok users’ main goal is to appear on the For You page. The For You page is based on what the app thinks that you want to see. It means that users have endless opportunities for audiences to discover their content. Showing up on the users For You page allows brands and creators to show up in front of new audiences on TikTok.

This mechanism is crucial for your account to grow, and it’s also a quick way for you to get more followers. Unfortunately, TikTok hasn’t shared much about how the algorithm works. However, some creators have some of the theories that have helped them get on the For You page.


So what do Content Creators think? 

Well, users found two main algorithms followed by TikTok as following: 

  • The TikTok algorithm is constantly pushing content to people based on what it thinks that they will like. That’s why it’s important to hop on trends and share the kind of content that other users are interacting with the most. Once you find your niche, you’ll let them start showing up in front of the right audiences who share your interests.


  • Other TikTok users have found that using particular trending sounds effects or even specific combos of the two have helped them reach TikTok success. Once you’ve spent a bit of time on TikTok, you’ll start to realize the same songs are used repeatedly, and these change weekly.


Let’s move on to the next level, how can I beat the algorithm of TikTok? 


  • Use Hashtags!

One of the best ways to make sure that you are getting more eyes on your content is by using hashtags when you’re posting your videos. Hashtags are an important part of any social media strategy.

TikTok hashtags used to categorize your account for optimal audience targeting, getting more users For You pages. They are a big part of what signals the algorithm to help get more eyes on your content, reach new audiences, and grow your account.


Tell me more!  


Well, TikTok has a continuous stream of new hashtags challenges that encourage creators to jump on the trends. According to TikTok, hashtags challenges encourage user’s passion and creation and expression by inviting them to join in on joint action.

For example, in the famous 2020 challenge is the #DJatHome, TikTok users use The Wanted’s song “Glad You Came” and show off their performance using household objects in front of their family. 


Keep in mind that most of the popular TikTok challenges take life from the users themselves.  


  • Keep Natural!

TikTok is a great place to show off more of a personal or behind the scenes looks at your brand. Each video has equal opportunity to go viral, so keep experimenting until you find something that works. 

Next, Think about what will make your content more engaging.



  • Select your audios 

You always want to use sound on your video, TikTok is a sound on a platform, so be sure to include music, voiceovers, or sound effects to add context to your video.



  • Advertising on Tik Tok

TikTok ads offer a powerful yet easy to use the platform to help you reach more audiences. TikTok ads also allow you to target your audience by gender, location, age, interests, and other unique variables, but with various formats and price points.


Here are the four types of TikTok ads and how businesses are using them to promote their products and services.


    • Brand takeovers

With a brand takeover, your ad will play as soon as a targeted TikTok user opens it for the first time. Brand takeovers appear on the For You page as still images, gifs, or videos. They also include a clickable link driving to the brand’s landing or a hashtag challenge. If users are interested, they can click on the ad and be redirected to a page on your website.



    • TopView 

Tik Tok TopView Ads are a new advertising option that builds on Brand Takeovers.

What makes TopView Ads different is that unlike Branded Takeover Ads, TikTok users aren’t bombarded with an ad as soon as they open the app — TopView Ads are the first in-feed post after 3 seconds.



    • In-feed native video ads 

Native video ads are video advertisements that appear in between user videos; as you scroll through the For You page and are between nine and 15 seconds long. Like other videos in the feed, native video ads can be scrolled past or skipped. These ads can also include multiple calls to action like clicks and app downloads. 



    • Hashtag challenges 

Challenges offer both organic and sponsored opportunities for brands. TikTok Challenges are a great way to encourage user-generated content and to

build brand awareness on TikTok. A sponsored hashtag challenge is a fun and easy way for brands to collaborate and seamlessly integrate with the TikTok community.

 When a user clicks on a sponsored hashtag, they are taken to a landing page with

the brand logo links to the brief website description of the challenge and popular videos using the hashtag.



    • Branded Effects

TikTok now offers branded shareable stickers, AR filters, and lenses in their advertising mix. Like Snapchat’s branded lenses, TikTok’s branded effects allow brands to design their custom filter on the app. Branded Effects can be live for up to 10 days at a time and are an excellent way to directly encourage users to interact with your brand (in a fun way!).


There’s no shortage of business opportunities on Tik Tok App. As with any social platform, it’s essential to choose the best advertising methods that align with your goals, and that makes sense for your brand, right? Hop on the TikTok train.


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