Have you ever read an all-emoji press release? 

Let me introduce you to the Chevrolet’s outstanding press release, which presented the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze to the audience! Chevy tried to appeal to a younger generation of buyers. Ahead of the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze’s reveal, they put out a press release composed entirely of emojis. They didn’t use any words, only pictures. Sounds interesting, hmm? 


Do you think use emoji was the right technique?

Well, it was smart!

They are universal, and emojis meanings are easy to understand in the same way all over the world, and Chevorlate used this concept to promotes its campaign!


So, can emojis be beneficial to companies’ social media? 

According to a study conducted by Quintly, using them increases engagement by 48% on Instagram. Posts that use emojis on Instagram have an interaction rate of 2.21% and posts without emojis have 1.77%.

Also, a recent study found that emojis were a common factor among all the influential social accounts.

Using emoji contributes to getting the attention of your users in your social media posts. People always scroll through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds; hence, emojis’ meanings can serve to be an excellent tool for the company to get users’ attention toward its posts.


How To Use Emojis To Boost Your Social Media Posts?


Here is a list of uses of them for social media marketing to humanize your brand:

  1. Use appropriate emojis

When you write a post, make sure that the emojis you insert is appropriate for describing the text. Take into consideration the target audience and the concept and the tone of voice of the post.

Be careful about the following:
    • You are using them to convey a message; so Ensure that they make sense to keep their value. 
    • If you feel that the emoji you used in your post will offend anyone, don’t use it! 
    • Use emojis for your business the way you’d use them for everyday private communication.
    • Don’t overuse emojis in one post. 
    • If you don’t know the meaning of a particular emoji, it’s better not to use it.
    • You can always research what are the different emojis meanings


  1. Stay connected to your brand.

Emojis can make your brand messages more playful, cheerful, and can help you sound less rigid. However, it would help if you kept in mind that you should always use them in a context that benefits your brand.

For example, if you’re managing a law office, no one expects you to use laughing or crying emojis. If you do so, people may probably take you less seriously. Professional businesses like that might benefit the most by using these standard emojis: good old smiley faces and thumbs up. 


  1. Use emojis in your comments and messages

As a service provider for many clients and customers, you continually engage with your audience and customers in comments and messages, and that’s the most natural place you could use an emoji!

Moreover, use them in the copy of your posts, and most importantly, in your call-to-actions. 


  1. Use emojis in chatbots and customer service.

The biggest problem with using automated messages for customers is that sometimes it can feel too automated to consumers – they’d rather talk to real people.

Emoji comes into play here! By adding them, the language you use in your chatbots can feel much more lively and natural.

If you have an app, it would be perfect to include emoji in your notifications for offers and discounts. You can’t deny the power of mobile marketing. What’s better than appearing on your user’s home screen on their mobile phones? 


  1. Make your own emoji.

Brands all over are taking the extra step than just using an appropriate emoji; they are making their own! For example, the Bitmoji app tells us how vital the emojis’ personalization is.

Washington World Wildlife Fund created 17 endangered animal emojis and used it to inspire people to donate.

My view on this is that engagement results depend on the brand, subject, and emojis used. For example, asking users to vote using emoji or emoticons rather than a comment or share is usually successful as it requires far less user effort.


Start your experiment with Emoji Today!

You might see it strange to use emoji in a social media marketing professional context, but the statistics do not lie!  Hence, using them can help in humanizing your brand and increase your audience engagement.

Benefit from the emojis that maximize engagement, and enjoy your experience in social media. 

With accurate planning of a social media emoji strategy, you can help humanize your brand and set your business to benefit in many ways. 


Still, need more guidance in this field? 

Give us a call at Detour for Business Solutions and let us help you elevate your digital marketing efforts by using emojis in your social media marketing strategy!